Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services do you offer?

We specialize in the production of custom doors, cabinets, built-ins, molding, and trim. We offer finishing, delivery and installation services. Our hallmark is our ability to find innovative solutions for hard-to-solve millwork problems. With that said, we will do anything that has to do with wood.

Aren’t custom cabinets and millwork expensive?

Not when you factor in the quality construction and lifespan of our products. If properly maintained our woodwork will outlast cheaper stock options. You should also consider the endless options and personal touch available when ordering custom.

What is your lead-time?

It usually will take 4-6 weeks for doors and other smaller millwork projects. For kitchen cabinets and larger projects it may take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks from design to completion. Production and delivery times will vary based on the number, type, and complexity of the project. Please call us and we will do whatever is possible to ensure your project is completed in a timely manner.

Do you have your own installers?

We do install most of the projects ourselves; it just makes sense to have the same craftsmen that create your millwork to take the same care in the installation process. Plus they are already familiar with the project, which makes for a smooth installation. We occasionally use independent contractors to assist with installations, but only those we are familiar with and that uphold the same standards as we do.

What is your payment schedule?

For most projects we ask for 50% down before materials are ordered and the project is started. The remaining balance is then due upon completion or final installation depending on the type of project.

Can I come by the shop to see my project in process?

Absolutely! We welcome clients into the workshop. Many times we request you to visit in order to discuss a detail or to get your opinion on something.

Do you have a showroom?

We do have a small showroom area at the back of our shop. You are welcome to stop by and see samples of our work in progress at anytime. Appointments are recommended and appreciated.

I’m doing a historical renovation. Can you match my custom profile?

Yes, it is very common for us to match custom profiles. Our local tooling company makes custom knives to match your profile. We are set up to manufacture custom profiles and pride ourselves on historical renovation work.

How well do wood doors and exterior millwork hold up?

To ensure longevity we select only the best woods for exterior millwork. As long as your unit is properly finished and regularly maintained, our wood doors and shutters will last as long as your home or business.

How are your doors better than a stock door?

It’s all in the construction. Most manufactured doors are made using 2” long by 3/8“ diameter dowels. Our standard door is constructed using two 5” long by 5/8” diameter dowels in each rail. The size and length of this method creates a door of higher structural integrity. Our upgraded joinery method is the time honored Mortise and Tenon joint which is appropriate in historical renovation work. A Mortise and Tenon joint has more glue surface area to create an even stronger door.

How do I care for my wood doors or cabinets?

The life and look of your millwork depends upon proper care and maintenance. Please visit our Care Guide for more information.

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